The George Group

Where thinking differently is just the start.


We believe in challenging the status quo, do you?

Everything we do, we do because we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by providing genuine opportunity, unparalleled support and creative flexibility. We just happen to sell real estate.


Fostering opportunity and breeding success.


Our Goal

Our goal is simple - To help our agents improve not only their production but their confidence in their own abilities. When an agent feels supported, encouraged and educated they become empowered. Empowered and confident that they are in control and the sky is their only limitation.

01 - Commission
We offer the best commission plans that are built with the agent in mind.

02 - Agents
See how our agents close more business than they ever thought the could.

03 - Training
Our training is focused around up-to-date, cost effective techniques that are easy to implement.

04 - Join
We’re creating a movement. One that you should be a part of.


Move Fast. Dream Big.

What we have done is nothing compared to what we can do.